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You can submit your application online to study at Lancaster University Leipzig through this web page.

Before you submit your application, please make sure that:

  • You have electronic copies of your academic transcripts and passport  which you will need to attach to your online application.
  • If you have had a study gap of more than one year, you will be asked to submit your CV and a statement of purose.
  • Please note: The limit for all attachments on your application is 25MB.

Having trouble submitting your online application? Get in touch with us directly.



Lancaster University Leipzig Online Application

Student Personal Details

Parent Contact Details 1

Include +Country Code and Area Code
Parent Contact Details 2

Include +Country Code and Area Code

Representation/Application Support

It is important for us to know who will be managing or giving advice on your application. This information will help us identify who best to contact if we have any issues during your application.

Include +Country Code and Area Code

Include +Country Code and Area Code

Course details

This is your opportunity to tell us about what course you would like to study with us, and when you would like to start it.

Month and Year of Entry

Student Contact details

Your contact details will be used to update you on the status of your application, and to provide you with your offer if successful. If the application is being made by somebody else on your behalf, please make sure that these are your contact details and not the contact details of that person.

Include +Country Code and Area Code

Include +Country Code and Area Code

Education Background

Your education history will be used to help us assess that you meet our entry requirements for your chosen course. Please upload your qualifications if these are available, as we will need them to progress your application further.

Secondary Education

If you have copies of your transcripts or certificates, please provide these to us.
University Level Education

If you have copies of your transcripts or certificates, please provide these to us.
Supporting Documents

These documents are required in case you have had a study gap of over 1 year or have already studied at a university. They can be provided at a later stage.
Immigration Status and Visa History

To comply with local law and regulations, we need to know information about your immigration status, and immigration history. We may also ask questions to help us to assess your fee status, to ensure that we provide you with the correct tuition fee information.

Please tell us more about this, and provide us with a copy of your previous visa refusal/s:

Additional Information

Declaration of Criminal Convictions

Confirming that you have a relevant criminal conviction or punishment will not exclude you from the application process and is collected to help us to consider the suitability of applicants for the courses to which they have applied and to reduce the risk of harm or injury to students and staff caused by the criminal behaviour of other students.

If you are applying to study with us in Germany, you do not, you do not need to inform us of any spent convictions (as defined by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974). If you are not sure whether you should tell us about a previous conviction, you should seek further advice from a solicitor or advisory body.

Other Information:

It is important that this reflects the country that you, as the student, are currently in so that we may give you the most appropriate advice in regards to your visa application where required.

Additional Support Needs

We ask you to provide us with information relating to any conditions (physical, mental or learning), that may have an impact on your studies or associated activities with us, or where special arrangements may be required. We do this to ensure that we are able to comply with relevant legislation such as the Equality Act 2010 and to identify reasonable adjustments that can be made to support you if required. If you would like to discuss this information with us further, please contact the College’s Student Support Services.

Privacy Consent

As outlined in our privacy policy, the information that you provide us will allow us to assess your application and provide you with an outcome. We’ll also provide you with information about the course that you’ve applied for, as well as the University.

Applicant Declaration

If you agree to it below, we may contact you to provide you with relevant information on other courses and pathways that we offer, as well as other services offered by the College, University Partner or Navitas Group. It’s important to know that if you choose not to consent to this contact, that we will be unable to provide you with information about accommodation that we offer, or other services such as our Airport Pickups.