Fees and Scholarships


Lancaster University Leipzig has two different type of tuition: EU students pay €9,000 and non-EU students €15,000 per year. Please note: We offer student finance for applicants from the EU / EEA area through our partner CHANCEN eG.

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4

University Foundation

First Year Degree

Second Year Degree

Final Year Degree

International €15,000

EU €9,000

International €15,000

EU €9,000

 International €15,000

EU €9,000

International €15,000

EU €9,000

Lancaster University Leipzig Scholarships

Lancaster University offers the following scholarships for prospective students. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your availability.

Merit scholarships

Applicants for direct entry (First Year/Stage 2) with the following academic performance in their final high school degree (A-Level, IB, GSCE or equivalent) are eligible for the following scholarships:

Academic performance in high school (e.g. A-Levels or equivalent qualification) Lancaster University Leipzig Scholarship
A*A*A €3,000 in the first year of study
€1,000 in each year of subsequent study
A*AA €2,000 in the first year of study
€1,000 in each year of subsequent study
AAA €2,000 in each year of subsequent study
AAB €1,000 in each year of subsequent study
ABB €750 in each year of subsequent study

Your application will automatically be considered for a scholarship as soon as you submit your online application form with all required documents.

Country specific benefits

Lancaster University Leipzig offers the following tuition fee reduction (€1,000 for each year of subsequent study) for both Foundation Year as well as direct entry for applicants from the following country for January and September 2020:

  • India
  • South Korea
  • Brazil

Benefits for siblings

Lancaster University Leipzig offers “Siblings Scholarships” for siblings studying concurrently in Leipzig.  This is an automatic €1,000 reduction of the yearly tuition for each sibling. 

Additional information

It is not possible to combine multiple scholarships.The scholarships scheme are subject to change by the university at any time.