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Leipzig Is a "Cool-Kid Town"

January 27, 2020

We are proud to be in Leipzig!

The New York Times refers to Leipzig as being a "cool-kid town" and lists the city within the top 52 destinations to visit in 2020. The authors particularly highlight the year of industrial culture, which Leipzig celebrates in 2020, and refer to exciting exhibitions, lectures and guided tours. On this list, the city can be found alongside Washington, Salzburg, Tokyo, Egypt or the Bahamas:

"Thirty years after German reunification, the once-dreary factories of Leipzig have been overtaken by lofts, galleries, workshops, clubs and restaurants. Often called "the new Berlin," the city is home to more than 40,000 students (Angela Merkel was once one of them), and has a thriving nightlife scene, further boosted by the city's decision to abolish club closing times in 2018. However much it has changed, though, Leipzig hasn’t forgotten its roots. Throughout 2020, in tandem with a state exhibition celebrating 500 years of industrialization, Leipzig will celebrate its own industrial history, which dates back to the early 19th century, with exhibitions, performances, talks, fairs and tours of the city. Until March, the Museum of Fine Arts will explore, through 50 works of art, how the work of machines and humans have become intertwined over the last couple of centuries, and from March through June, The Museum of the Printing Arts will feature photos from as early as 1900 that document the effects of industry. Throughout the year, the city will offer tours of six areas where forced labor took place during the Nazi era. On the lighter side, a symposium in May with experts from Vienna, Berlin and London will highlight the history of how abandoned factories have been transformed into clubs and live music venues, and in the summer, seven bridges in the neighborhood Leipzig West, once home to many factories, will become stages for open-air theater."

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